Love is Poison

SnowWhite13Snow White (Volumes 1-3: Mother, The Mirror, The Huntsman)
Love is Poison.

Poisonous mists settled in the lowlands 17 years ago, rendering ninety percent of the land uninhabitable and killing over half the population. Most blame their misfortune on industrialization or the fey, but some curse Snow White, the princess who was born poisoned.

As the only person who can survive entering the poisoned woods without a gas mask, Snow White has dedicated her life to studying the poison and finding a cure. This obsession draws her deeper into the woods and its secrets, where nothing is as it seems. When Snow White saves a man who should never have been saved, she uncovers an evil more horrifying and destructive than mere poison.

Read Mother, the first volume of Snow White, for free on Wattpad or this site.


Poisoned is available now!

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11 thoughts on “Love is Poison

  1. Absolutely LOVED this book, probably my favorite of your books. CANNOT WAIT for the next installment. Such a creative twist on an old favorite story, very excited to see how it all comes together!

  2. I loved Poisoned! I could not put it down and finished it in one day. I’m looking foward to book two, but it will be so hard to wait.

  3. Oh, my god, this book is amazing! The cover is georgeous and I fell in love with the book in a matter of minutes. I hope, pray, and will die if the next one is postponed or anything. It was fantastic, and I loved the way the real prince was not able to be seen by anyone other than Rose. And I loved the vision, and even in the old snow white stories, there was a Rose! (yes, people, there were more than one). So thank you for an amazing book.

    • I am so glad you liked the book candycanecoolio! Trust me, I am getting the next one out as soon as I can. I can’t wait to continue the series. Rose is a really interesting character, and her relationship with the prince definitely gets more complex as the story goes on. I loved Snow White when I was a girl, and really loved researching the old Snow White stories. You’re right, there’s definitely more than one, and there is a rose 🙂 Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!

    • Hey Kimberlin. I have the next part outlined and will begin working on it shortly. However, it probably won’t be out until I finish the third book in my Fallen Angels series (I’m playing catch-up on that one). I’m so glad that you liked Poisoned! I just wrote a blog about what I’m planning to do next with the series (you can see that here). Basically, I’m changing things up a bit so people get the books faster. I really can’t wait to release the next book. Things get pretty crazy!

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