Poisoned is out! Happy New Year :)

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I’m, unfortunately, still recovering. If you’ve written to me and haven’t heard back yet, it isn’t because I’ve ignored your feedback, or that I don’t care that you’ve taken the time to write to me. Neither could be further from the case. I’ve just been going through a lot and I’m trying to get everything back in order as I finish Fallen Angels #3.

The Snow White Trilogy, #1

The Snow White Trilogy, #1

But even though this holiday season has been insanely busy, I couldn’t be happier or more thankful. This last year was one of the best years of my life and it’s all thanks to you guys 🙂 Also, I’m happy to announce that Poisoned (The Snow White Trilogy, #1), is finally out! It’s currently available on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Nook UK, Smashwords, and the iBookstore USA. Here is a really short blurb:

As the only person who can survive entering the poisoned woods without a gas mask, Snow White has dedicated her life to studying the poison and finding a cure. But when she saves a man who should never have been saved, she uncovers an evil more horrifying and destructive than poison.

**If you’re interested in reading Poisoned, please be aware that it has a cliffhanger ending**

Poisoned is also available from:
Amazon Germany
Amazon Canada
iBookstore Canada
iBookstore Australia
iBookstore UK

I know a lot of you are looking forward to Fallen Angels #3, and while I was my intention to have a double book release, I’m just not going to release a book before it’s ready. I’m currently still editing it and will finish and publish the book as soon as possible. I’m so excited to share the third book with you guys, and can’t wait to release it!

I also have another fun announcement! Author Elle Casey is celebrating her first year of self-publishing by graciously hosting a HUGE book giveaway! I am offering up 10 copies of After Eden and Poisoned, and there are tons of other great books up as well. Some of these books are books I’ve read and loved, like Tess Oliver’s Camille and Abigail Boyd’s Uncertainty (the second book in the Gravity series–and by the way everyone ,the first book, Gravity, is FREE on Amazon!). There are also quite a few I’ve been meaning to try out, like Shana Norris’ The Boyfriend Thief, Imogen Rose’s Initiation, and Dannika Dark’s Sterling. To enter and check out all the books, go to Elle Casey’s Indie Book Giveaway page!


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